Lapidary Classes
Beginning Cabochons (Required course for using any lapidary equipment.)

An introduction to the use of lapidary saws in the cutting of various rocks and the use of the grinding machines to shape and polish a cabochon. Students will cut and complete a cabochon. Click here to see some examples.

Free Form Cabochons Prerequisite: Beginning Cabochons

Students will learn to orientate and cut a free form cabochon.

Gem Carving Prerequisite: None

Students will learn the techniques and use of tools in the carving of gems using a small stone less than one pound.

Gemstone Pendant Carving Prerequisite: None

Students will will learn to carve a pendant from material they bring to class. Class is limited 8 students and lasts 8 Saturdays.

Faceting Prerequisite: None

The club offers faceting classes on its three new Facetron faceting machines, or students may bring their own machines to class. Various shapes are taught, and instruction is hands-on. This class usually does not meet during the summer. Click here to see some examples.

Gem Identification Prerequisite: None

A seminar on the identification of gems: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and other semi-precious stones. Students will learn the importance of using the refractometer, determining specific gravity, polariscope, spectroscope and microscope in identifying gems.

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